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Trivia Night

What U.S. City is the basis for the board game Monopoly?  What is the tallest building in the country?  Which President served two terms, but not consecutively?  If you knew the answers to these questions, then you should have been a part of Trivia Night at Chefs' Haven!  Four wonderful contestants took the challenge to win a FREE Cooking Class, while learning the secrets of making a great Hot and Sour Soup, Seafood Pajeon, Spicy Tangerine Beef with Jasmine Rice and Yuzu Sorbet for dessert.  Each contestant took home a delicious French ancient Baguette for participating and our overall winner for the night was Toby!  Toby won a FREE Cooking Class for answering the most questions correct out of the four rounds that took place.  Congrats to Toby and to everyone who came last night.  We hope you had as much fun as we did!  Look for our next Trivia Night and, you too, could win yourself a FREE Cooking Class!